Friday, 7 June 2013

Couple Set Meal @ Al Azhar Eating Restaurant

Oh yeah baby, my first food post! 

I have a lot of food places to write about, but I'v decided to choose Al Azhar Eating Restaurant as my first one. Erm, why?


For only $25, you'll get:
  • BBQ Stingray
  • Tom Yam Soup 
  • Sambal Kangkong
  • Fried Egg
  • Two plates of plain rice
Of course you have the ability to choose. For the fish dish, you can choose your preferred fish (Stingray/Siakap etc) with your prefered sauce (Sweet& Sour/Tiga Rasa/BBQ etc). For the Tom Yam soup, you can opt for vegetable/chicken/mixed, which basically determines what your soup contains. For the vege, you can choose, but unfortunately I forgot what are the available ones hahahaha. They also serve fried egg, and last but definitely not the least, two plates of plain rice.

Review of food

I LOVE THE BBQ STINGRAY, HANDS DOWN! It is that gooooood! The paste, or Malays call it sambal, on top of the fish is thick and given in generous amounts. The fish is cooked well too! However, it is a tad too spicy due to the chilli padis in the thick paste. So, ensure that you have a glass of cold drink on stand by! The Tom Yam soup tastes really good too. Not too tom-yammy (hahaha), not too sour I mean. Just nice and it is pretty addictive to drink the soup! Slurrrrps! Again, it is a lil bit spicy so after a while, my throat was on fayahhhhh! But so syiok! Well, someone forced me to eat the kangkong (I am not really a fan of vegetables hahaha) but the taste is okay. And the egg is fried well too and not too oily.

Oh oh, as seen from the photo above, I bought Yam milkshake while My Food Buddy bought Chendol. The Yam milkshake is really good and even has a scoop of yam ice cream in it! There are other flavours for you to choose from if you wanna purchase a glass of milkshake. Chendol is awesome too! It has this natural, kampung-taste with a right amount of coconut milk and a tinge of gula melaka. And again if you look at the photo, I bought one Red Velvet cupcake but I was so freaking full, I only ate it later in the car instead of consuming it straightaway hahahahahaha! I can be so greedy....... But anyway, the red velvet is not bad :)

Ambience & Service

Very vibrant, noisy and 'so Singapore', really! Service is good and efficient.




BBQ Stingray, Tom Yam soup and Chendol!

Recommended for

Those with empty tummies that can expand widely. Trust me, I felt so bloated after eating the meal!

Nearby praying area(s)

We prayed maghrib at Masjid Darussalam (Clementi) before driving to this restaurant hence, I do not know of mosque near to the place. I don't remember chancing upon any empty and clean space to pray either, unless you go to the nearby Beauty World Plaza to pray at some empty spot near the staircase, perhaps. Alternatively, you should plan your timing well before coming to dine at Al Azhar so that you won't miss your prayers! :)

Ohh oh, the place also serves other food varieties such as naan (which i heard is good), Western food (which is served on a sizzling hot plate!!), satay etc. So don't limit yourselves! :D

Check out their menu here:

Details of the set meal offers are however not displayed online, so you have to check out the menu at the place itself for the deals :)

That's all from me. Toodles!

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