Friday, 13 September 2013

Satay by the Bay & a Ball of Ice

FINALLY. Finally some time for me to blog about foooood! Sorry for the unforeseen hiatus everybody! School has been a pain recently......... :(

But I hope school has been good for you, kids! :D 

Anyway now we go central! Woohoo! Satay and iceballs anyone?

After a long day spent at Gardens By The Bay, my Food Buddy and I were in search for a place to have dinner. So we headed to Satay By The Bay! Anyway I heard that the satay there are not bad so we decided to give it a try!  I actually thought there is a monopoly of satay at the place but I was wrong! There are a few stalls selling satay actually, not just one.

After some satay, we headed to Singapore Flyer for some traditional ice ball. I found out about this dessert stall beforehand and I told my Food Buddy that we MUST eat some traditional ice ball some day. And when is the best time to have some sweeet, goodies-packed ice balls? After satay of course! :D

Review of food

The satays are from a stall named 'Sri Geylang Sate.' The satay was really juicy and delicious! Especially when it is still warm and freshly grilled............... YUM YUM. The satay is soft (especially for beef!) and quite chunky. The shops also sells grilled  prawn which is very very very delicious. It has a nice barbeque aroma and is really fresh! The moment I place it inside my mouth, I am floating~ But the cumbersome part is, you need to peel the prawn shells first! But well, good things come to those who wait and peel the shell lah hor :p Oh, the ooomphh  factor is definitely the satay sauce! It is served warm and it is a little spicy to me. Hahahahaha but still, satay dipped in the satay sauce it is a good combination. Really............ foodgasmic. I don't know how to put it, but you know, some food taste even better when it is spicy, no?

Disclaimer: our spicy tolerance levels vary among different individuals and I must say mine is rather low. So what is NOT spicy to others might be VERY spicy to me! HEH HEH.

So after some sumptuous satay, time for some ice balls!

The food court at Singapore Flyer is called 'Singapore Food Trail.' Not many halal food I guess. We were there quite late but thank goodness, the dessert stall was still open! I love the vintage feel to this place. Really. Very appealing to my historical senses. HAHA. Anyway the ice ball is just like an ice kacang, just that it is shaped into a ball. The goodies are inside! Just like a kinder surprise! It is definitely something different from the typical mountain of an ice kacang! I remember feeling happy eating and savouring every moment of it because but the ice ball is really gooood. It is sweet and appeals to my sweet tooth yay! The filling inside is generous too so it is definitely a must-try!

Ambience & Service
For Satay By The Bay, the ambience is very local, I guess. Service is alright too and it does not take very long for the food to arrive. Oh my favourite ambience is definitely at Singapore Food Trail. The ambience and interior decor are breathtaking. Very nostalgic. From the floor, the street markings, the lighting to makeshift stalls............. Really amazing. Just like the good old days. Okay, maybe my grandparents days. I was so close to understand what it feels like indulging on an ice ball in the 1960s. As if I time-traveled back to the past.

(From Google Images)

I am such a history geek, whooops! But trust me, with or without love for history, you'll love this place too! Something different once in a while ;) 

Oooooo warning! Haha we actually burnt a hole in our wallets. The satay at Satay By The Bay costs 70 cents per stick, while each prawn satay costs a whopping $2! The ice ball costs around $2-$3. Well, I am very sure it was way way wayyyy cheaper in the 60s! o_o

So only head to these places either when:
1) you just received your pay (or allowance for students like me)
2) you are lucky enough to get vouchers somehow
3) you are even luckier to get sponsors from your loved ones! (well, everyone loves free food!)

Recommended for
I still feel that Satay By The Bay and Singapore Flyer Food Trail are perfect for gatherings! Very localized. But as aforementioned, only head to these places when you have the kechingz. I am sure other food courts like the ones at East Coast Park, Geylang Adam Road and West Coast etc sell cheaper delicious satay. So far, I am not sure of other places that sell traditional ice balls though. 

Nearby praying area (s)
We were at Gardens By The Bay the entire day and we did most of our prayers in the baby rooms so we didn't venture to the mosques. But I actually did some research and saw a friend of mine posting about a musollah at Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre, Level 3. That is the nearest I guess :) Alternatively, you can also plan your prayer timings properly. Marina Square also has a musollah at the basement of green-labelled carpark and not forgetting, Masjid Haji Muhammad Salleh/Makam Habib Noh is pretty nearby.

Till next time! Thank you for reading this blog and thank you for being patient with my slow updates :)

Have a good weekend ahead everyone!


  1. Hey, I was wondering if the satay by the bay you went to is halal?

  2. Not halal also she will just whack oni...

  3. Hi dear, the musollah at Gardens by The Bay is located next to Texas Chicken. Got this info from this link Hope it will be useful for your future reference.