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West Co'z Cafe

Okay this post will be a long one. You'll be astonished to see the amount of food I'll talk about. Trust me, we did not order ALL of them at one go, okay! Haha, I was there four times in less than two months. Twice with my Food Buddy, once with my siblings and also once with my friends. That explains how much I love this place! Good food is worth coming back for moreeee. Hehe ;)

More details about the menu and outlets at

I frequent the outlet at West Coast Plaza rather regularly. I have a straight bus from home and the best thing is, it is located VERY near to school. Yes, my dear fellow NUS mates, food haven is just a few bus stops away! Board bus 189 from Kent Ridge Bus Terminal behind Arts AS7 or alternatively, you can wait for the shuttle bus to West Coast Plaza at certain timings. It is THAT simple!

Review of food
Very fatty fish meat!

Their specialty is Fish Head Curry. I am not a fan of fish head myself (my Food Buddy is!) but surprisingly, the fish meat tastes really good. The element that stands out is the gravy and I must applaud the chef who cooks the curry gravy.The curry is not a typical curry taste but it is an amazing, well-blended fusion of mild curry with a tinge of laksa in it. It is very unique, I must say! There are also dried tofu and long beans in the gravy. But warning: the curry gravy is really spicy! :B

For those who loves spicy food, this is definitely a must-try for your fiery taste buds!

There are other dishes as well. Feast your eyes.................

Tom Yam Chicken (with generous amount of chicken chunks!)
Hotplate Black Pepper Beef
Oats Prawn
Pandan Leaf Chicken
Sambal Kangkong
Chye Poh Omelette

Our parents always tell us not to judge a book by its cover, but trust me, the dishes are as amazing as they look! It is worth every dollar. The Tom Yam (very spicy okay!) soup has generous amounts of chicken as seen in the photo and served hot. The beef is very soft and easy to chew. And the prawns! Very meaty with a lot of oats on top of it. Chye Poh Omelette is a bit salty though, but it tastes well especially with all the spicy food. Hahaha even if you're not really into spicy food, these dishes are a worth every tear you shed and every sweat that drips! :D (well that happened to me lol)

That's not it! West Co'z Cafe also sells noodles and fried rice etc. Our favourites are:
Seafood  Fried Kway Teow
Seafood Crispy Egg Noodles
Crunchy noodles!

If you are not in the mood for any seafood, fret not! West Co'z also has noodles as well. Seafood Fried Kway Teow (you can opt for beef too) is slightly spicy but it tastes good and very filling. The portion is rather  BIG! I love the Seafood Crispy Egg Noodles too. Perfect for rainy days and less greasy :) The noodles are crunchy yet easy to chew, the gravy is light and not so overpowering. Oh, the amount is seafood is generous too! I am beginning to think that the chefs and kitchen helpers have a lot of time because the prawns are already naked haha! There is no need to remove the shells because they have been removed for you. Just have to put them in your mouth!

Last but definitely not the least....... DESSERTS! (Told you it's going to be a long post hahaha)
 Aloe Vera Longan with so many oversized aloe vera bits! (BAIK AHH!!)
Thai Red Ruby with a rich amount of red rubies!

The desserts list is rather limited since they only have Thai Red Ruby and Aloe Vera Longan/Lychee. But the amount they give in the bowl is so huge! I am beginning to think that the people there deliberately want to make me gain more weight I think..............

Let me focus your attention on the Thai Red Ruby! My Food Buddy and I have been searching everywhere for some good bowl of red ruby for dessert and we have finally found it! West Co'z Cafe serves a generous bowl of red rubies in a pool of sinful coconut milk. Such precious gems......

Desserts is just stressed spelled backwards indeed. My goodness, now you tell me why shouldn't I love this place! Amazing, isn't it? :D

The West side of Singapore is not so bad afterall ;)

Ambience & Service

The place is very simple and...... cozy. It lives up to its name! It can be very very packed especially during weekends so please do visit this place on a weekday yeah? The service is good too. In general, the staffs are friendly, polite and thoughtful. One of them even offered another chair for our colossal school bags when my Food Buddy I were sitting on the table for two. Such a nice lady! :')

Single meals such as the noodles are typically priced ($4-5) and since it is quite a big portion, it is very worth it! Seafood wise, it is not very expensive either but you can check out the online menu! Prices are included in it :) If you are planning to have a seafood fiesta, do check up the prices first, okay!

Recommended for
EVERYONE. Haha I think I sound very excited and biased, but I really love this place :D Oh, it is amazing for family dinners as well. I witness many families coming to the place to have sumptuous dinner at the place. West Co'z indeed! (I pronounce it as West Co-Zee)

Nearby praying area(s)

1) Darussalam Mosque
  • Just take either bus 175, 189 or 282 from the bus stop across West Coast Plaza. Alight two bus stops after that (if I remember correctly) and walk to the mosque.
Alternatively, we prayed  at some staircase area at West Coast Plaza itself. Remember to bring your praying mats and telekungs for the ladies! :)

West Co'z Cafe is truly amazing. Giving the place 5 ice creams is an embarrassing understatement that cannot be justified at all, really!

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