Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Charco's charco's charco's!

WARNING: This post is NOT for the health-conscious.

Really awesome greasy chicken and ribs up ahead! :p

I am pretty sure some of you already heard this name. Yup, Charco's; "the flaming chicken". They don't only serve chicken, they have finger-licking ribs, burgers, kebabs and salads as well!

Charco's outlet is at:
Block 608 
Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5
#01-2771 (at Mr Teh Tarik)

Bus service: 138, 269 and 265 from Ang Mo Kio Interchange.

Check out their website for the prices and menu:

Review of food

Part of the menu!
 Portuguese Cobba Meal

1/4  Portuguese Chicken

You can choose your desired flavour for the chicken, either Herbs or Portuguese. The former is more mild I guess but the latter is spicy and has more kick to it. Heh. I really like the Portuguese chicken. It is cooked with well-mixed spices and slight tinge of spiciness in it. I don't really know how to describe the taste, probably because I am not Portuguese. HAHA. But the chicken tastes good! And it's not VERY spicy, so it's not so bad for those who cannot tolerate spicy food so much like me! You can also choose the size of your chicken as well, so mine is 1/4. You can opt for bigger size (1/2 chicken) at a higher price :)

As you can see from the photo of the menu above, the meal you choose determines your sides. And they have soooo many sides! Yay! I decided to have Cobba Meal consisting of chicken, corn cob and generous amount of chips. The chips / fries are drizzled with some sort of powder, so it's like shaker fries. Without having to shake, of course. Hehe. Oh, and the corn cob tastes really refreshing! It is brushed with a good amount of butter in it too and it is really fresh. Tip: eat it with your hands! :D

Sampler Plate

The Sampler Plate, my friend, is the FATHER of all plates.

In case you can't seem to decide what to eat or you feel like eating both ribs AND chicken, get the sampler plate! For less than $20, the sampler plate consists of  1/2 signature Charco's Ribs, 1/8 Herbs Chicken, 1/8 Portuguese Chicken, 1 Creme Potato and 1 Salad of your choice (I like the tuna pasta!). Awesome right having almost everything on the menu?! :D 

For those of you who love ribs, Charco's ribs are definitely a must-try. Very tender meat, succulent and juicy! The sauce is slightly sweet and the ribs seriously demand you to use your hands to eat them up!

Creme Potato

Creme Potato is one of the sides Charco's offers. I really love anything related to potatoes and Creme Potato is one of them! Creme Potato by Charco's contains slightly chopped soft-boiled potatoes drenched in a bowl of creme sauce with a slight drizzle of their signature chilli-like powder. It's best when it's eaten hot and it makes you full, really!  

Ambience & Service
The ambience is very local. What more can I say, since Charco's is located at the infamous Teh Tarik Eating House. Hence, the ambience is similar to a typical brightly lit Teh Tarik outlet. The service is okay too. The waiter served our orders not long after we placed our orders so we were very delighted to see our meals served in a jiffy! 

Hmm, perhaps around $10-$20? FYI, the chicken is much cheaper than ribs! Do check out their menu online :)

Recommended for
Those who love western food, particularly good, affordable ribs! :D

Nearby praying area(s)

1) Musollah behind the eating place

  • Yup, there's a musollah behind this Teh Tarik outlet! Just walk towards the direction behind, somewhere near the cooking areas of the stalls. The musollah is separated for men and women. When in doubt, just ask any of the workers okay!
  • Take your ablution at the toilet nearby :)

2) Muttaqin Mosque
  • Take any bus towards Ang Mo Kio Interchange and alight when you see the mosque. It is not very far.

Here you go, 4 ice creams for Charco's! Posting about Charco's makes me crave for some chicken at this hour sigh sigh sighhhh.

Okay, that's all for now. All the best for end of year exams for the younger kids, N/O/A Level exams for slightly older kids and never-ending assignments, research papers and projects for the old kids! :D

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