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Ban Mian @ Yumen Hut

 Seafood Ban Mian

Must try their Honey Aloe Vera!
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Assalamu'alaikum everybahdy!

I wasn't really a fan of Ban Mian in the first place. I didn't even know what was Ban Mian all about! I was with my friends and I remember the convo went like this:

Friend: Juwi, where do you wanna eat?
Juwi: Anything also can
Friend: Want to eat ban mian?
Juwi: Ape tu? (What's that?)
Friend: JUWI, YOU TAK TAHU BAN MIAN TU APE? (Juwi, you don't know what is ban mian?)


First, we were in the East, an area I am so not familiar with. My wonderful friends, Sharifah and Afiqah introduced me to this place. We were famished after a newspaper collection and all we wanted was food. And some thirst-quenching drinks too! So we went to this small yet amazing eating place in Downtown East E-Hub.

It was love at first bite.

I fell in love with my first Ban Mian and I never looked back eversince.


Anyhoo, yup I keep coming back to Yumen Hut for a delicious bowl of Ban Mian. I live in the West for more than two decades now and it is such a shame I only found out about this place after so many years. Boohooo :(

Yumen Hut (just opposite BBQ Chicken)
1 Pasir Ris Close #02-113
Downtown East E-Hub
Tel: 6581 5191

Review of food
My favourite is the Seafood Ban Mian. In essence, a bowl of Seafood Ban Mian contains Ban Mian noodles,  seafood (generous strips of sliced fish, some squids and prawns) and egg (don't break the yolk!) in the soup. It is heavenly, really. The reason why I love it so much is because the noodles is cooked to perfection! The noodles were cooked well; not too springy or too stiff. Not forgetting the generosity of the seafood... Mmmm yummy! The soup tastes really good you wanna lick right to end of it! Okay that's gross but you get my point hehe. The soup is not bland, probably cooked with some broth. The soup looks rather simple but it is certainly healthy! When served warm, a bowl of Seafood Ban Mian is a right mix of ingredients, texture and taste. Oh and it is definitely perfect for rainy days!

They also serve you a small bowl of salted anchovies and also CHILLI PADI. Seafood Ban Mian is not very spicy to begin with. Normally, I add just a bit of chilli padi for some spiciness in my noodles. The chillis is definitely for those who like a little spice in their noodles while the salted anchovies help to make the soup more salty and also as something crunchy to bite on :D

Oh yes, this bowl of healthy Ban Mian is to-die-for! *jumps around in excitement* Time for a break from all the greasy chickens and the endless glucose intake! Hehe I am definitely guilty of that..............

Other than Seafood Ban Mian, Yumen Hut has a variety of noodles for you to choose from! If you're allergic to seafood, you can opt for Chicken Ban Mian as well :) There are also other types of noodles such as You Mian (a thinner version of Ban Mian), Kway Teow, Pumpkin Noodle, Laksa, Crispy Noodle, Spinach Noodle etc. 

If you love innovative noodles, Yumen Hut is definitely a place to go! It is one the few places to get delicious and most importantly HALAL Ban Mian :D We've (or just myself at least) been missing out on some good noodles for so many years..................

Oh, be extra careful with the noodles please! You don't want to scorch your tongue, do you?

About the drinks menu. Rather typical and nothing exceptionally interesting, but their Honey Aloe Vera is a must-try! A great thirst-quencher that will freshen your throat and goes along well with a bowl of noodles. The drink has the right amount of sweetness! It is served cold and soothes the throat. There are also tiny aloe vera bits to chew on which makes the drink taste really good and refreshing! Aloe vera and honey are known for their health benefits and uh huh, it's the perfect healthy drink! :D

Ambience & Service
Yumen Hut is not a very big restaurant. It is small and can only accommodate a few. There are times where my Food Buddy and I had to stand aside and wait for an empty table for a while. Hence, avoid the weekend nights yeah! I've never been there during weekdays (my house is at the other extreme end lah that's why) so I don't exactly know how's the crowd like but I assume it is less packed as compared to weekends. The ambience is pretty simple and comfortable. Nothing fancy or extravagant. It feels like...... home. Really. Very localized, I must say. Service is alright too! Efficient and you don't have to wait exceptionally long for your noodles to be served.

Budget (for each person)
$6-7 for a bowl of delicious noodles and a drink. Rather cheap to me! Yay!

Seafood Ban Mian and Honey Aloe Vera

Recommended for
Those of you who love noodles, especially Ban Mian!

Nearby praying areas

1) Musollah @ Downtown East
  • Musollah is located just behind the seafood restaurant at Asli Village. Walking distance from Yumen Hut so hopefully you'll get to pray on time, insyaAllah :)
2) Al Istighfar Mosque
  • Take bus 5 or 89 from the bus stop at Downtown East and alight 4 stops later. 

That's all from me today, folks! Less than two hours left till break fast, hence happy break fasting in advance from me! :D

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